Service Apartments vs. Hotels

Finding a suitable accommodation is a top priority for anyone traveling – whether it is for business needs or leisure and relaxation. With time, new accommodation options have sprung up. Apart from booking typical hotels or luxury resorts at metro cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru, you can opt for a service apartment. Both families and individuals are opting for such accommodations more than ever before and the reasons are numerous. These accommodations come across as a better substitute than typical hotels.

Why choose service apartments over conventional hotels?
When you choose serviced apartments over hotels and resorts, you get the following advantages:

1: Space does matter- When you want a good accommodation during your stay in a metro city but the budget is not high, opting for service apartment makes more sense than booking a hotel. Most budget or even mid-level hotels offer rooms that are rather cramped. In most service apartment setups, room space is larger than that of hotels. You can get more than one room easily. You will feel more relaxed, eventually.

Typical Hotel Room Vs. Typical One Bedroom Apartment

Space does matter

2: Cooking the way you want- When staying in hotel, the eating choices are limited- even if it is a luxurious hotel. Either you order something from its restaurants or go out and eat somewhere else. However, in the majority of short stay apartments there are provisions for cooking. This is ideal for people who want to cook their own food while traveling. In fact, some setups are already laden with kitchen appliances that you can use to make meals the way you want.


3: Customization facilities- A number of service apartments come with customization options. This ensures you can feel a homely ambiance while staying there. You get enough space to keep your luggage and live for a few days much like the way you stay in your home.


4: Facilities like a posh hotel- While staying in the luxury serviced apartments you eventually spend less than what would be required for living in a posh hotel. However, you get nearly the same facilities. In many such setups, you get facilities like 24×7 security, wifi access, attached gym, TV with cable channels and more. This is ideal for people who are on business tours and staying connected to internet is a prerequisite. Health aware travelers want to work out even when they are outside their home or city. You can also opt for concierge services for booking cabs and sightseeing etc.


5: Flexible Housekeeping service- Usually, top service apartment setups have good housekeeping service but the flexibility is better than what you get in hotels. You enjoy more privacy than a hotel when you opt for service apartment setups- as it is.

Picking the most apt facility
There are a number of things you should analyze before booking any service apartment, wherever it is. The location of the place is important. If you want to avail the public transport or have shopping on agenda, a setup near popular shopping zones and metro station or bus terminus may be better suited.

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